It has been said that in order to achieve success in golf, you have to fully master your short game. As a general rule, you tend to hit more pitches, chips and putts during an average round of golf than drives or long irons. For that reason, your short game requires a higher level of finesse, accuracy and touch for true success during a game of golf.

That said, I personally try to play the long game in both golf and in life! The long game in golf requires first and foremost that you to get the ball onto the fairway as far as you can. Then by using a long iron, you approach the green so that you can apply your short game skills. Success in playing the long game comes from visualizing the path your ball must follow, simplifying your approach and having confidence in your technique.

My long game in life begins with visualizing my future. If it’s going to be, it’s up to me to make it happen. Playing the long game of life includes being fully invested in every single day. Just like in golf, it’s important to be fully present in the moment, fully there, and fully committed to your game: every stroke, every putt, and every choice.

Good things don’t usually happen by chance, so in golf and in life it’s important to practice. Work on your game, and work on your life.Golf is a game for a lifetime, and it has the potential to get better as you get older. Play with your family and friends, have fun and enjoy yourself.

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