Luck can be defined as being able to prosper or succeed through chance or good fortune. I’ve heard many people, including golfers, say that they’d rather be lucky than good.

Of course, good luck is always welcome! That said, without a doubt, I would always recommend the route of making your own luck through dedication and hard work.

In contrast with luck, skill is the ability to execute a particular activity based on practice, effort and determination. Developing your skills in any endeavour is always a good idea, and will never steer you wrong. Waiting around for luck to strike is never as productive as working hard to develop the skills that will serve you in the long run.

I played with a golfer years ago who wasn’t able to golf frequently. Instead, he spent his time at the driving range and once a month would venture out onto the golf course. He was a wonderful senior golfer, meaning he was not long of the tee but accurate. He told me that he hits a bucket of balls every day at the driving range, and only golfs at the course once a month. I can say without hesitation that he was amazing, and a much better player than I.

Why? Well, in short, he embodied the 5P principle.

Proper Practice Predicts Prizewinning Performance.

Instead of waiting for Lady Luck to smile upon you, just follow the 5P principle and let your skills lead the way. Good fortune will follow.