So you’d like to pick up golf.

Welcome to the club! Golf is one of the finest games ever invented. Not only do you play against an opponent, you can also play against the golf course itself, and if you choose to you can even play against yourself!

Larry David once said “I think golf is literally an addiction. I’m surprised there’s not a Golf Anonymous.” Consider this your fair warning: don’t be surprised if you become hooked on golf.

Ultimately golf is a skill like any other. These are the steps we recommend when learning the skill of golf.

Focus on the Big Picture

First thing’s first: you must understand what the game’s about and what you want to get out of it. At the most basic level, you will be using a club to hit a stationary object (a ball) into a hole several hundred yards away. There can be any number of holes on a golf course but most commonly a course will have either 18 or 9 holes. Each hole varies in length with recommended shots for completion.

Go Step by Step

In golf, you literally follow your ball either on foot or by driving a cart. Using a series of clubs of varying length and loft you will advance your ball along the fairway to the green and into the hole. Learning this process one step at a time will keep the game in context and help you learn gradually.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Before going to the course we always recommend that you take lessons and practice. Practicing is the most important step of the process. Seek out the guidance of a trained teaching professional or friend and you will be much closer to achieving your golf goals.

By understanding the big picture, learning the game one step at a time and practicing, you’ll be improving at the skill of golf in no time!