About Us.

Findmygolfbuddy.com is devoted to helping you find the right playing partner to enrich your round of golf. We have all experienced the frustration of wanting to play and not having an available partner. This site will change that reality.
Our Mission is to find golf partners one buddy at a time.

Our Values

We treat each other and our member registrants with respect
We act with integrity
We put the needs of our members first
We walk or ride on golf courses showing due respect for protected areas and indigenous species
We strive to leave the golf course a bit better than how we found it


You will be matched with golf playing partners who match your skill set
This website is interactive
Membership is free
George Webber,
Chief Golfing Officer
George founded the company when his regular playing partners were not available and he was teamed with 3 players on the first tee at his local golf club. This was not a fun experience and he felt there had to be a better way.
So he set about to create that better way. And here it is.
He's a high handicapper with a deep love for the game. He doesn't play because of his score so for him the experience is critical. He believes that if he's going to invest the time on the course then it has to be fun.
He's recently retired and looks forward to meeting playing partners from around the world.
Deborah Lee Eldridge,
Head Teaching Professional
Deborah is the member of the team who actually knows how to play the game at a very high level. She's won the Ontario Amateur Championship 5 times and was runner up at the Canadian Amateur Championship and won the French National Amateur Championship.
She attended Indiana University on a golf scholarship and competed in the NCAA Division 1. 1996 she earned her LPGA status. She's played in almost 200 professional championships and earned 10 wins.
Deborah has been a PGA of Canada member since 1991, has her class "A" status and has been a teaching professional for over 5 years.
Deborah is currently the Head Coach of Mohawk College men's and women's golf teams, having led the men's team to Division 2 Gold in the 2013 season and 2014 as well.
Ask her your questions. She can make you a better golfer.
Janka Mifsud,
Technology Partner
Janka Mifsud of BrainyYack.com leads a team of professionals in building long term relationships with clients through measurable, informed development and actionable web strategies.
As an active partner of Findmygolfbuddy.com, she ensures that our site is clean, up to date and can easily be navigated.
Please visit BrainyYack.com for all your technology needs.